About us

"Providing thousands of venues at your fingertips with real-time pricing and availability!"

iBookedIn was born out of the necessity to quickly find a perfect and affordable venue for all the important events in your life.

Available throughout the United Kingdom, we cover a wide range of venues from small and intimate rooms for dinner and family parties all the way to large conference halls.

What can iBookedIn do for you?

If you are looking to HIRE A VENUE...

Are you a bride, a personal assistant or a conference manager?

Tired of spending hours searching for a location and haggling over pricing, only to find out on the day of the event that it isn't what you were wishing for?

iBookedIn will allow you to browse and see available venues in real-time or schedule an appointment with a vendor to find out a bit more about your desired place.

You will be able to directly search and compare venues based on details such as location, venue type and facilities, price and date and book it as soon as you find your perfect match. Join iBookedIn today and enjoy hassle-free event planning!

If you are a VENUE...

The platform has a very simple and effective design which will allow you to log in and immediately showcase details about your venue, price and the services and facilities available.

Furthermore, IbookedIn will connect you live with customers highly interested in booking a space as soon as possible, thereby allowing you to earn more money and avoid empty rooms/spaces.